Most Useful Woodworking Tools For The Community

To change the log tree to something you need, you need a tool. Every wood enthusiast will have to learn how to use these tools to make a piece of furniture, a piece of furniture, or a cabinet he wants to make. As an early woodwork enthusiast, you have to fill your workshop with various wood tools to eliminate your wood design. In a community nowadays, it is great if there are skilled woodworkers with complete tools that everyone in the community can call when there are woodworking needs.

Here is a list of basic woodworking tools that every beginner should have:
Work Bench
This is the first and most important tool every carpenter needs. For various initial carpentry projects, their size should be quite good and leave room for the job. There should also be a visa on the desk. It is important to complete the design to make precise cuts or measurements that prevents the edges to become unequal. His field of work is the center of all projects related to joinery.

It is very important in all projects related to wood processing. This tool is used to move nails, pins, staples etc. on the surface of the tree, you work with The size and weight of the hammer are the most important. A very heavy hammer can scratch, cut, destroy fragile wood or turn a nail or pin. A small, light hammer cannot stick a nail into a hardwood surface. The presence of different sizes and weight of the hammer provides greater flexibility in different types of wood processing. Also, consider the tip of the hammer They are legs and rounded. Although round ends are rarely needed, they are rarely useful. Rubber hammers are also needed in delicate wood designs because they do not crack and squeeze the wood surfaces.

This is an indispensable tool for an initial wood design. It is used to cut wood elements according to the required size of the wood design. There are several options depending on your budget for this tool. Hand saws come in many shapes and shapes. There are some types of saw and crosstie in the hands. If you plan to do more carpentry projects, invest in a chainsaw. This tool exactly matches your measurement requirements. Ass hand, the chainsaws are of different types. There are many types of gauges, circular saws, radial saws, and table saws. Safety is the most important when using the electric saw. A small mistake can cause a serious accident. Before you begin, read the safety instructions that came with Power Ara.

The screwdriver has different sizes and shapes. The three most common types of screwdrivers are standard types (plans) in joinery projects. In the joinery workshop, it is necessary to have different sizes and types of screwdrivers. If you plan to work with multiple projects, investing in cordless screwdrivers is a good idea. An electric screwdriver will help you complete the project very quickly.

Some woodwork projects require screws instead of screws for a more permanent fixture. It will be necessary to pull a tug. Then, invest in a set of keys. Adding a universal key to the set is a good idea to the community. Adding an adapter to an electric drill or a screwdriver in the set of keys is a good idea because it will speed up the work.

This tool is used to drill holes on any surface of the tree. At the moment, you will probably see that the drill is used in various woodwork projects, not in the hand drill. Electric drills come in different sizes. A low energy drill is sufficient for a woodworking project.

For woodworkers with advanced skills, there are also some more advanced tools like bench grinder (, planer, table saw, wood lathe and many more. Woodworking is a great skill to have but it is nothing without the necessary tools.

Some Reasons Why Every House In A Community Should Buy Range Hoods

As the title suggests range hoods are a must for every kitchen. Range hoods are engineered and designed to keep your kitchen free of the odour, airborne grease, fumes, heat, and moisture. Range hoods have become an essential part of the kitchen as it keeps the cooking area clean. Working of the Range Hood:

Typically Range hoods are mounted at 24 to 26 inches above the cooking surface. The width of the range hood should cover the perimeter of the cooking area The hood will be made of metal and can have the finishing looks to match the kitchen decor. The Range hood consists of three main components:
• Capture panel
• Grease filters
• Fan or tangential blower

Cooking on high power area inadvertently produces fumes. These rising fumes are collected by the capture panel in the hood and are funnelled into the central unit. In the central unit, the electric fans pull the fumes and circulate them in various manners.

When these fumes are manoeuvred by the fans, they pass through the grease filters where the fumes are scrubbed for grease and odour and are then pushed through the exterior duct. If you are using a ductless type of the range hood, then the filtered air is released back to the kitchen. On the other hand, if the range hood is a duct-type, then the air is sent out of the duct to the building’s exterior and vented.

Benefits or importance of range hoods in the kitchen:
The main benefits of having the range hood installed in the kitchen are:
• Clean air: The most important feature of the range hood is removing the toxic pollutant and gasses like carbon monoxide from your kitchen. These gasses and pollutant are potentially dangerous to the members of the family, as air is constantly circulated throughout the house.

• Excess Heat removal: Cooking at high temperatures when you baking or using a pressure cooker means the temperature of the cooking area rises up by a few degrees. So when the air is sucked into the vent, this excess heat is removed making the person near the stove more comfortable.

Odour removal: Some dishes produce pungent smell while cooking. Having a range hood resolves this issue by filtering out the odour from the fumes, leaving your kitchen and home odourless.

• Extra Lighting: Most of the range hoods offer additional lighting for the cooking area This can help you notice subtle changes in the colour of your dished helping you prepare delicious meals.

• Easy Cleaning: Since Range hoods remove the grease from the fumes, cleaning the cooking surface area becomes easier Yes, you will have to clean up the range hood once in a way, but you can always take professional help, who are just a phone call away.

Summarising it, here is how it can help the families and benefit the community. Using Range hood ensures that you will not feel suffocated by smoke while cooking.

A range hood can help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. It also helps lessen the odour in your kitchen. Will all the mentioned details and benefits, and with various designs and pattern available in the market, investing in range hood appliance is the best thing that can happen to your kitchen.

Grilling For Community Celebrations

Grilled food is tasty and outdoor activities are amazing but what happens when you combine both? a happy and peaceful celebration with a lot of tasty food and lots of joy is what can be achieved when grilled food is added to an outdoor activity, and the best part is that a grilling party with everyone in the community gives people the opportunity to know each other better.

This fast-paced world can interfere with building long-term and profitable relationships with people around us and it’s important to host/attend a grilling party in the community as it provides the perfect environment to socialize, there are other reasons why grilled food is important in a group celebration and here are a few.

1. Brings Communities Together
Grilled food can bring different people together because good food, music, and sports are the most common things that bring people together, outdoor grilling parties are wonderful to have and these type of parties give people the opportunity to meet other people from different races, backgrounds, and genders and this is important to the growth of communities as engagement and involvement breeds friendship and friendship leads to progress.

2. A Chance To Show Love
The people in most communities don’t care about each other and this could prove to be a problem but a party with a lot of tasty grilled food can be your chance to show love to the people around you, it’s difficult to keep friends and make new ones in this century and this has lead to depression so a grilled food event or party can be a nice way to show someone you really care about them, people want to know that they are loved by others and a grilled food outdoor event is the best way to show them some love.

3. Puts Communities On The Map
All big communities are known for something and all consistent events have the ability to influence the status of communities and this can bring investors and tourists which aid growth and development, barbecue (BBC)) parties offer great food and this is an event that is important to the growth of communities, these types of parties can easily become a tradition that attracts different people from different places over a short time.

4. Promotes Peace
Barbecue parties/events act like magnets that attract people to congregate and talk about the problems that affect them and these problems are usually solved because people give different solutions and dialogue promotes peace, people can also settle their differences at parties like this due to the joy-filled environment. Peace is the most important thing in every community and this is a subject that is never overlooked when people sit to discuss over a glass of wine while smoking a turkey on a propane smoker (smoking turkey propane smoker).

5. Giving Back
Not everyone loves to grill but everyone loves grilled food and no one ever says no to grilled food and this means that getting your grill ready and smoking some meat, and vegetables for people in your community is a good way to give back to everyone around you, and the best part is that you’re giving someone a meal and that’s the most important thing.

The benefits of grilling for community celebrations cannot be overemphasized as it is a way to show love to the people around you, promotes peace, and gives everyone a chance to meet someone new while maintaining an existing relationship. Grilled food and celebrations are perfect, start doing both today!

Ping Pong in War Zone

The table tennis game was staged during the end of cold war tension between the Chinese and the Americans. 1971 came later became known as Ping-Pong Diplomacy and is remarkable for its starting process of reconciling the long-tainted relations between the United States and China

Since 1949, Diplomatic ties between both countries had been chilly, when Mao Zedong the Chinese Communist leader made a pronouncement for the creation of the People’s Republic of China. The declaration by Zedong saw considered by the U.S. as the beginning to the fall of China to communism. As the year progresses, trade embargoes and sanctions coupled with propaganda only increased the rivalry. The estrangement was felt in both countries, but in 1970, the relationship between China and Russia was also strained. So, then U.S. President Richard Nixon considered it a top priority to mend the deteriorating ties with China.

That was when the Chinese national team extended an olive branch by inviting the participating U.S. team at the 1971 World Table Tennis Championship hosted by Japan to play some of the games of ping pong in Beijing.

After U.S. acceptance of the offer by the Chinese, the 15 Americans who participated in the game became the first U.S. citizens to visit China in 22 years, a fit that that even politicians and diplomats couldn’t achieve.

The deal was actually arranged by the Chinese government, during this period, the Chinese team’s invitation of Glenn Cowan, an American table tennis player to join their bus was seen as a goodwill gesture, but the offer by the Chinese to the U.S. team to participate in the tournament was deliberate.

Cowan was given a gift of a silk-screened picture of the mountain Huangshan range by the Chinese star player Zhuang Zedong, and the following day, Cowan returned the favor by offering a shirt with a peace sign inscription and the Beatle lyrics that bears let it be to Zhuang.

In his book, Nicholas Griffin opined that the Chinese government decided to use ping pong the right tricks for the promotion of Communist propaganda

The game of ping pong made countries who have been long been sworn enemies mending their differences and coming together was a real sign that the tide was turning.

Also invited to the tournament along with American players where selected were pressmen to give the game a wider coverage
Then U.S. President Nixon, who was standing for reelection and was also, trying to bring to the Vietnam war saw this as an opportunity to build on the gestures offered by the Chinese government to try to foster closer ties between both countries.

In his publication, Nixon stated that he was pleased and surprised and had never hoped that the Chinese gesture could be that fruitful with the game of ping-pong as the rallying point.

Though the U.S. team was not actually that good at table tennis, of course, with the help of the best ping pong tables, however, the Chinese players were among the best all over the world in the cold war era but rather than beating their opponent to a finish in the competition, the Chinese national team rather chose to embodied the slogan of the tournament with the inscription, Friendship comes first with competition coming second.

With that said who could imagine that a game of ping-pong in a war zone could bring warring nations together for a common good.

St. Andrew’s Church

The purpose of this web site is to introduce more people to the fact that in Hampshire’s Test Valley village of Nether Wallop, just half an hour’s drive from the more obvious attractions of Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and Romsey Abbey, lies one of the handful of English Churches which reflects the development of Christianity in England throughout the whole of the second Millennium.  Nether Wallop’s Parish Church, dedicated to St Andrew, is the setting for the ONLY Anglo Saxon Wall Painting to survive in situ – the precious legacy of artists of the Winchester School who worked here around the year 1020.  In the late Norman period the painting was cut through as the choir arch was raised.  However, an altar frontal given in 1998 seeks to reproduce through contemporary embroidery techniques, the probable design of the Saxon “Christ in Majesty”wall painting.  The enlargement of the Saxon arch was one aspect of a gradual and almost continuous process of alterations, adaptations and restorations, each of which has contributed to the fabric of the Church as we see it today.  Each century’s contribution to the Church building from the 10th to the 19th is there for us to enjoy, as well as art work from both the very first and very last years of the second millennium.

And so start the third millennium.  In St Andrew’s, two of our millennium projects have already come to fruition — the re-decoration of the north aisle and tower arch, and the arrival of a splendid piece of end-of-millennium artwork in the shape of the new altar frontal referred to above.  We no longer feel the need to apologise to visitors for the state of the lime wash and explain that we really do care for the state of the fabric and that £150,000 has been spent since 1980 on “invisible” repairs.  The frontal and kneelers proclaim that the church is still alive and well as a place of worship 1,000 years after its construction.  We are exploring the possible re-lighting of the chancel – the warmest part of the church in winter but also the darkest!

St Andrew’s Church, built in flint, stone and brick, nestles into a terraced side of a steep chalk hill and overlooks the Wallop Brook on its north and east sides.  From the Churchyard the visitor can look out across the valley to Danebury Hill, site of an archaeologically important Iron Age Hill Fort, or walk down to the peaceful mill pond which adjoins the burial ground.  The BBC‘s choice of St Andrew’s to serve as the Parish Church of the fictional St Mary Mead in the setting of some of Agatha Christie’s “Miss Marple” stories which featured the actress Joan Hickson (1906-1998) in the title role, has served to bring the Church to the attention of visitors from around the world.  The Church’s simple but everlasting beauty weaves its own spell on those who come to engage in quiet contemplation.  This should not surprise us, for the Church has been hallowed by the prayers of village people for 1,000 years, and continues to be a venue for Christian worship every Sunday.

Police Matters

Andover Police Station, South Street, Andover , SP10 2ED Enquiry office open: Daily 8am – 10pm
Stockbridge Police Station, High Street, Stockbridge, SO20 6HE The enquiry office has no set opening times, however when officers are on duty in the station the office will be open to the public. When the office is closed please use the phone situated next to the front door. The contact telephone number for both Andover & Stockbridge is 0845 045 45 45 The Safer Neighbourhood Policing team at Stockbridge can also be contacted via the following email address:

The Mobile Police Station visits Pound Road, Over Wallop on the 1st Friday every month from 1400hrs. Nether Wallop on the 3rd Monday of every month from 10am

For non-emergency calls ring 101 of course for an incident requiring the immediate attention of a Police Officer dial 999.

The Nether and Over Wallop Neighbourhood Watch is built around a network of Local Wardens each covering the road or group of houses where they themselves live.  Also each Parish has it’s own Area Co-Ordinator.  The Over and Nether Wallop Neighbourhood Watch schemes are part of the Broughton and District Neighbourhood Watch Association which includes Broughton, Chattis Hill, Oakley Corner/Jacks Bush, Houghton as well as the Wallops.

Local Wardens and Area Co-Ordinators are volunteers, unpaid, and provide an informal link between local Police and residents.  They are NOT vigilantes nor are they curtain twitchers watching to see what may be going on.  They just put into practice the “keeping an eye out for neighbours” spirit which many of us probably do in any case without thinking about it.  There are no formal duties but what is asked of all members of the Neighbourhood Watch is that, in the course of their daily routines, if they see something that appears odd or not as one would expect, they do not ignore it but immediately pass their concerns to the Area Co-Ordinator or to the local Police.  Typically this could be a strange vehicle parked in an unusual place or people from an unmarked van going to the house of an elderly person living alone.  Neighbourhood Watch endeavours to keep residents mindful of the simple measures which can aid security of person and property, especially those who are particularly vulnerable.

New residents are visited, given literature and details of the Watch and encouraged to make their own contribution to our mutual security.  From time to time, Police may notify Area Co-Ordinators of items which they consider are of special concern such as a suspect vehicle or an emerging pattern of crime.  The Area Co-Ordinator will then pass this information through a cascade telephone network to their Key Persons who may further pass it on to their neighbours.  Thus in a short time many people are alerted.Because of the rural nature of our area, should you contact the Police or any of the other Services, any directions you can give to pin-point the location of the incident will be of great help to the Officers responding to the call.  Reference to a pub or other significant landmarks are typical examples.

For your own home, make sure the house number/name is clearly visible from the road and particularly at night.  This is especially important where the property is concealed from the road or house numbers do not follow a normal sequence.  Emergency services responding to 999 calls are often strangers to the area and precious minutes can be wasted trying to find a particular property in the middle of the night.

Neighbourhood Watch literature and other information is available from the Area Co-Ordinators, either Edward Souter for Nether Wallop or Ruth Cartwright for Over Wallop.  As a resident of the Wallops, if you see anything that does not fit the normal pattern of things and gives rise to concern, please do not ignore it but tell the Police or the Area Co-Ordinator.  It may be a small thing in itself but much successful Police activity results from piecing together fragments of information and intelligence into a larger picture.