Encourage, Contribute, Change A Life

Welcome To The Wallops Community

It’s in this vision and light that the thewallops.net blog was born.
Generous individuals and the charismatic founder who’ve realized the vast benefits we can all derive from community service have come together to birth this blog, named thewallops.net.

Most people erroneously believe that we should only offer community service ‘when the community has benefitted us’ and we should therefore return those benefits.

Join Us and Let's Make Our Community Better!

Let’s Educate and Transform Our Neighborhood and Other Communities. Inspire and Become A Role Model for our Youth or other Individuals And Make A Positive Impact On someone that Could Change Their Lives!

Clean-up Drives, Tree Planting, Donating Groceries, providing educational outreach programs, helping the hungry locally, nationally, and around the world.

Ways You Can Help Give By Helping Our Community

Our Volunteering programs don’t have any age limits. Families that want to bring their children and expose them to our cause and advocacy are welcome. We Value some people’s schedule that allows them to help out occassionally, therefore, they can check with our supervising officers for scheduling. 

Meet the Team

The Men and Women Behind Our Advocacy

The Wallops.net has all the Dedicated heads and leaders. Contributing to making a positive impact on other people’s lives. Helping and welcoming participants and volunteers to facilitate their skills and time in an effort to build a network of people united by their passion to inspire, encourage, and hopefully change lives by volunteering in community service. 

Wilkinson Smith

Head of Community Service & Founder

Steve Manz

Project Manager / Community Coordinator

Dr. Mary Jeans

Community Liaison Officer / OutReach In-charge

Martin Bush

Operations Manager

Elizabeth Dean

Evaluations and Monitoring Manager

Elizabeth Dean

Financial Director

Thank You For Volunteering

A Message of Appreciation from our Head of Community Service and Founder

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