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Wilkinson Smith

Head of Community Service / Founder

Wilkinson Smith is a Master’s Holder in Strategic Management from Harvard University. Apart from his academic prowess, he takes pride in successful projects across the globe touching various community outreaches. 

Recently, he got the prestigious United Nations Award as the Best Community Service Director of the year among other global nominations.

His hands-on leadership has seen the organization move from annual donor support of $100,000 to $200,000 in three years of service.

He is a member of the United Nations Volunteers, among other humanitarian organizations. He is passionate about touching human lives in various aspects of humanitarian aid.

During the three years as the Head of Community Service, he has successfully managed to streamline operations and win both the employees, volunteers, and donors’ trust.

That is the reason for the high turnover of funding in his leadership term.

Steve Manz

Project Manager / Community Coordinator

All projects in this organization are under the leadership of Steve Manz, a graduate in Project management from the University of Wisconsin.

Steve is a go-getter, and that spirit has seen him initiate several successful projects which have received enormous support and financial funding.

In his wisdom, he decided to open the organization’s Volunteer wing, which saved the organization’s wage bill and saw an influx of knowledge-based teams useful in implementing most of the community projects.

Steve is a renowned motivational speaker whose skill has directly benefitted the organization in promoting team spirit.

His five years presence in the organization has revolutionized project implementation. His indicator of success is a positive response from the community and the donor.

Renewal of most of the projects is a clear sign of his effective leadership and management of several organization projects.

Dr. Mary Jeans

Community Liaison Officer / OutReach In-charge

Community service’s success is the work of proper public relations between the implementing organization and the community.

The liaison office is the link between the two; under Mary’s able leadership. Mary Jeans is a public relations Guru by academic and profession.

She holds a Doctorate in Public relations. Mary is a true definition of a team leader. She fits every shoe from the top leadership to the community deep down at the grassroots level.

Her involvement in making a crucial decision in controversial situations is the pillar of the organization’s success.

The community volunteers department is her brainchild. She used the target audience, which includes the local administrators, to penetrate the grassroots areas known as “no-go” zones.

This explains the high demand for the project in most parts of the globe and overwhelming support from well-wishers and volunteers.

Martin Bush

Operations Manager

Martin is responsible for operations in the organization. He coordinates all programs and projects in liaison with the volunteers to ensure everything is done within the timelines.

He leads the secretariat that supports the liaison office and the project manager’s office to provide all in well in running the organization’s day-to-day activities.

The Graduate in Business Management understands organizations dynamics and factors in diversity in personality to place workable systems for a win-win deal among all organizations’ stakeholders.

The digitalization of the systems is his brainchild which makes sure everything goes on smoothly with minimal interruption.

One peculiar skill is his conflict resolution skills. He is the face behind success in all operations of the organization.

Elizabeth Dean

Financial Director

The organization entirely depends on donor funds to run the day-to-day activities of the organization.

Elizabeth is the face behind the management of millions of dollars within the organization. The Graduate in Bachelors of Commerce (Finance option) takes pride in honesty and openness and timely financial reports to relevant personnel.

The several donor funds from our marketing campaigns and the kind of work we do for the community is because of the high standards of accountability under her leadership.
The Near-perfect audit report is a tip of the ice of transparency and honesty in the financial department. The motto every money counts is the drive towards exemplary service from the department.

Nancy Johns

Evaluations and Monitoring Manager

Monitoring and evaluation report is a crucial exercise in any organization to get a comprehensive port of any project’s failures and success. Nancy Johns is the leading personnel of the team.

The Postgraduate holder in project manager oversees all the projects with timely reports to ensure their success.

The monitoring and evaluation reports focus on a needs assessment to initiate new projects valuable and relevant to the community. All these are fruits of the strict selection process of the personnel in the department.

A Big Thanks From Our Head of Community Service