Police Matters

Andover Police Station, South Street, Andover , SP10 2ED Enquiry office open: Daily 8am – 10pm
Stockbridge Police Station, High Street, Stockbridge, SO20 6HE The enquiry office has no set opening times, however when officers are on duty in the station the office will be open to the public. When the office is closed please use the phone situated next to the front door. The contact telephone number for both Andover & Stockbridge is 0845 045 45 45 The Safer Neighbourhood Policing team at Stockbridge can also be contacted via the following email address: andoverrural.snt@hampshire.pnn.police.uk

The Mobile Police Station visits Pound Road, Over Wallop on the 1st Friday every month from 1400hrs. Nether Wallop on the 3rd Monday of every month from 10am

For non-emergency calls ring 101 of course for an incident requiring the immediate attention of a Police Officer dial 999.

The Nether and Over Wallop Neighbourhood Watch is built around a network of Local Wardens each covering the road or group of houses where they themselves live.  Also each Parish has it’s own Area Co-Ordinator.  The Over and Nether Wallop Neighbourhood Watch schemes are part of the Broughton and District Neighbourhood Watch Association which includes Broughton, Chattis Hill, Oakley Corner/Jacks Bush, Houghton as well as the Wallops.

Local Wardens and Area Co-Ordinators are volunteers, unpaid, and provide an informal link between local Police and residents.  They are NOT vigilantes nor are they curtain twitchers watching to see what may be going on.  They just put into practice the “keeping an eye out for neighbours” spirit which many of us probably do in any case without thinking about it.  There are no formal duties but what is asked of all members of the Neighbourhood Watch is that, in the course of their daily routines, if they see something that appears odd or not as one would expect, they do not ignore it but immediately pass their concerns to the Area Co-Ordinator or to the local Police.  Typically this could be a strange vehicle parked in an unusual place or people from an unmarked van going to the house of an elderly person living alone.  Neighbourhood Watch endeavours to keep residents mindful of the simple measures which can aid security of person and property, especially those who are particularly vulnerable.

New residents are visited, given literature and details of the Watch and encouraged to make their own contribution to our mutual security.  From time to time, Police may notify Area Co-Ordinators of items which they consider are of special concern such as a suspect vehicle or an emerging pattern of crime.  The Area Co-Ordinator will then pass this information through a cascade telephone network to their Key Persons who may further pass it on to their neighbours.  Thus in a short time many people are alerted.Because of the rural nature of our area, should you contact the Police or any of the other Services, any directions you can give to pin-point the location of the incident will be of great help to the Officers responding to the call.  Reference to a pub or other significant landmarks are typical examples.

For your own home, make sure the house number/name is clearly visible from the road and particularly at night.  This is especially important where the property is concealed from the road or house numbers do not follow a normal sequence.  Emergency services responding to 999 calls are often strangers to the area and precious minutes can be wasted trying to find a particular property in the middle of the night.

Neighbourhood Watch literature and other information is available from the Area Co-Ordinators, either Edward Souter for Nether Wallop or Ruth Cartwright for Over Wallop.  As a resident of the Wallops, if you see anything that does not fit the normal pattern of things and gives rise to concern, please do not ignore it but tell the Police or the Area Co-Ordinator.  It may be a small thing in itself but much successful Police activity results from piecing together fragments of information and intelligence into a larger picture.